Wednesday, August 21, 2013

(Church Square) Park Bench Nannies 

Part II

I now realize why all of these awful Nannies sit here.  They wait around to get free lunches from the city and use the kids as a reason to get the lunch.  I rarely see the kids eating the free lunch, but sometimes I do.  So, Parents, do you know that your kid is eating a warm-from-the-sun ham and cheese sandwich slapped on two pieces of white bread?  No veggies, maybe a piece of fruit.  



Anonymous said...

What free city lunch? Sorry, can you explain? Thanks!

Hoboken Nanny said...


The city of Hoboken offers free boxed lunches in the parks. Kind of like when a child goes to school and is eligible for a free school lunch. It's a continuation of that. Except these Nannies take their kids to get the free lunch and either eat the lunch themselves or give it to your kid.